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The Raspberry Pi is a great little gadget, if you have the time, patience and imagination there are a great many uses you can put your Pi to. On this site I have listed some of the projects i have used mine for.


27/05/2017 - Motion tracker script has been updated to make the wave sweep more conisistently timed and added an interrupt drive button on GPIO 1444 to add blips to the display. 14/05/2017 - Motion Tracker has been updated to reflect changes in the new Raspbian Jessie builds 24/07/2016 - I’ve updated the instructions for the TFT Display for the Aliens motion tracker to account for the Jessie build of Debian. I’ve also made some amendments to the Domain Controller instructions based on feedback from Brent Nader 13/03/2016 - It’s been a while since I updated this page but I’ve finally updated the Media centre section. Instructions for RaspBMC have been updated to reflect the new OSMC build. Sincs RaspBMC has been rendered obsolete and the setup for OSMC is quite different I have amended the guides for the new version Also added is a section for configuring a Pi as an Active Directory domain controller. I’m hoping to update the Aliens Motion Tracker Guide soon. I am waiting to get my hands on a Pi Zero for this as I feel this would be the ideal platform. It is more likely to fit in the case than the A or B version Pi’s, unfortunately stocks are still limited and since I don’t have a firstborn to sacrifice I’ll have to wait till they come back in stock.


thank you to all the wonderful people who made this site possible and whose work I have shamelessly ripped off. Especially: The Raspberry Pi Foundation without whom none of this would be possible The RaspBMC Team and all the helpful forum users. Matthew manning for his helpful and insightful tutorials on RaspberryPi-Spy Andy Pi for his LCD Driver module